Meet the new mega evolutions!

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10 things not to say to a women

this is guaranteed way to get yourself murdered

Somebody did this to my friend once, she was like


PSA cramps are just the feeling we get when the muscle of our uterus is literally tearing itself to shreds if you were wondering what the bloody stuff was in the first place and /that/ is why this is a Not Good thing to say

Actually a lot of the time cramps are caused by the muscles in our uterus spasming in order to cut off the blood flow to the uterus. Our uterus is basically trying to kill itself which is why your abdomen feels like death.

Also, the hormone that causes it? The first hormone of labor. So, when we get our periods we are literally starting labor for a week. How about that?

basically stab yourself in your lower stomach a thousand times with a dull knife and you’ll know how it feels

fucking thank you

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ORAS is literally going to be the greatest game in existence because look at this. team magma is so nice and organized and serious right


and then there’s TEAM AQUA




i love pokemon. i love pokemon so much iw ill marry gamefrea K

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Friend has the sad???!!??!!!!!


I’m coming friend I’ll save you from the sad!!


I am here now you’re going to be okay!!!


You are so beautiful and i love you!!!


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one of the most adorable moments in the series

Beast boy and cyborg drop everything to make sure that Starfire is comfortable telling jokes. They don’t care that they missed the context, laugh along to make her comfortable, then proceed to make asses of themselves JUST so she can have a good laugh too and feel like she BELONGS.

And that is one of many examples of why the original teen titans series was seriously well fucking written as it showed a very HUMAN kind of emotion, feeling like you don’t fit in and watching a joke go wrong and people not finding you funny, then getting to laugh because the people you chose to open up to were caring enough to make fucking sure you felt like you belonged just for a bit.

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Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks


I went to the movie theater today with one of my friends, and we watched Rainbow Rocks. Altogether I really liked this movie and I felt like it was a huge improvement over the original. However after having a couple hours to fully digest the movie I realized that it left me rather sad. Mostly because of Sunset Shimmer.


 This movie handled her character extremely well and made me rather interested in her character, which is more than what I can say for the first Equestria Girls movie. The problem is that she isn’t part of the show, so the next time we can see her would be in EQ3 and that’s if Hasbro decides to make another movie. I just feel like that sucks because of things like her friendship with Twilight, her lessons in friendship, and her relationship with the other Canterlot High students are all interesting parts of her character that may never be expanded on or explored again. Even if there is a third movie they only last about an hour and fifteen minutes and considering that she will have to share the screen time with the main six, the villian(s), and whatever weird plot stuff is going on, there’s not much time to focus on her character. Idk I just feel like I want to see more of her, but I can’t :/


Plus, look how adorable she is.


Did someone say Disney Song Challenge 

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I accidentally Motorcity’d….

I blame tumblr for my love of this pairing.